Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Tips

Once you have the solar system installed, cleaning may be far from your mind. The solar panels are hardy units that can withstand extreme weather conditions, including high heat and cold. However, cleaning is an important step that you should not skip to ensure the longevity and the efficiency of the panels.

So how do you clean the solar panels properly and effectively?

Here are the best tips:

  • Safety first. Make sure that you shut down the system before you begin performing the cleaning task.
  • Check with the manufacturer. Some manufacturers may have specific recommendations for their solar panels. Be sure that you read or listen to the instructions to learn the best way to clean them.
  • Never splash water. The first instinct of homeowners and even business owners is to splash water all over the roof and panels. The surface, whether it is tile or tin, turns into something similar to an ice skating rink.
  • Use a garden hose. Instead of dumping a bucket of water onto the panels, you should spray them using a garden hose with the appropriate nozzle. It will allow you to reach all the areas of the solar panels with a steady stream of water. It should start running down the roof by this time. You can watch and observe the water become clearer.
  • Wait for the water to dissipate. The panels have a black colour, which helps in dissipating water quickly. When it gets dry, you have cleaned the solar panels.
  • It also helps to know when you should clean the solar panels. As much as possible, start the cleaning process on a cloudy day. Usually, it is ideal to begin early in the morning unless your schedule only lets you perform the task in the evening.
  • Cleaning early in the morning is suitable because dew that stayed on the panels at night will become softened grime. In this case, cleaning will require less water.
  • If you want to, you can use a brush to clean the panels before spraying it with a garden hose. This method should only be performed when the panels are dry. Get rid of the loose materials before you utilise water, which will make cleaning faster and easier.
  • A common mistake of homeowners is that they use detergents. It is not advisable because they can streak the glass and may be abrasive.
  • The only question remaining now is with regards to the frequency of cleaning. During the rainy season, most of the time, you do not have to clean the solar panels. The regularity will depend on your area or your location and your circumstance.
  • If there are birds flying around and they usually leave their droppings on the panels, you cannot count on the rain to remove them. Also, summertime is mostly when you need to clean often, especially when rain becomes a bit scarce.

We recommend that you call a professional to do the job for you. This way, you avoid problems, such as accidentally scratching or damaging the solar panels. Easy Solar can arrange this for you. Aside from cleaning your panels, the expert will also provide you with a maintenance service to check whether or not your panels are still in good condition.

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