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We Offer Dedicated Ongoing Support

Compared to other businesses, we commit ourselves to provide ultra-fast service.

We want to drive growth, which is why we focus on customer support. Regardless of the solar panel buying and installation stage, we make sure that we are there with you in every step of the way. However, we do not stop communicating with our clients even after providing our service. Here is how we go above and beyond:

  • Easy Solar prides itself on providing support and solutions for people who have had an issue with the equipment they have purchased from other companies and have been let down, remember our focus is excellent customer service.
  • At Easy Solar, we are not pushy salespeople. Somewhat, we help educate consumers, so they know the right solar panel for their home or business.
  • We give instructions, easy-to-understand tutorials, and troubleshooting techniques that will aid in particular issues.. If you need guidance or any help, we are always one click away.

When Can Customers Expect Their Orders?

One of the most important things for customers is the turnaround time. We know everyone wants to have the solar panels delivered straight to their doorstep. The installation process should be speedy as well.

Unlike other businesses, Easy Solar guarantees a quick turnaround time. Once you have found the solar panels you need, we will give you the date when you can expect the installers to be in your place. We also take care of the approval process, which lifts a huge burden from you.

We want to make everything much more straightforward and faster for our customers. It is why you only have to provide two things when you deal with us. You will only have to send us the following details: The date of birth of the person named on the energy bill and a copy of your electrical bill showing the front and the back of the bill.

It is as simple as that! Once you have submitted the required information, the next step is the application to western power, which Easy Solar takes care of.
Once the system is approved, a day is arranged at the client’s convenience, and  An accredited solar installer will deliver the items you have ordered and will take care of the installation process for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Work With Us?

There is one word that you can describe our pricing here at Easy Solar, and it is competitive. Easy Solar sells high-quality products that you can afford. The sourced materials and equipment have the best prices today, beating many competitors on the way. We may not give you the cheapest system, but we will give you the right system.

More important than the costs of the products is their quality. We stand by the excellence of all the items we sell. In the solar industry, you will always get what you pay for, meaning paying low gives you poor product quality.

However, it does not mean that you need to shell out a ton of money and even break your bank just to get a superior solar product. Using our experience in everything solar, we have learned which among the items are worth every cent.

Therefore, we only offer the best products that we use ourselves and the brands we trust. This tactic helps us build customer loyalty and even gives us referrals through our satisfied clients.

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