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Easy Solar is comprised of a team of skilled and experienced local Perth professionals. We dedicate ourselves to offer expertise and a wealth of information regarding solar power. This way, we can provide you with the top choices of solar panels, kits, systems, batteries and more for your home or business.

John chadwick

John Chadwick - Company Director

As the director of Easy Solar, John leads the team with his expert knowledge on solar panels. Having worked for the solar industry for eight years now, he has attained the necessary skills and understanding of all important things relating to solar energy.

John loves to talk about solar with everyone he meets, an advocate for the advancement of solar power and harnessing all of the sun Australia has to offer.

If you have a question or just need some advice, John is sure to answer all of your queries.

Geoffrey burrows profile

Geoffrey Burrows - Senior Design Solar Specialist & Customer Service

Geoffrey is one of the members of our sales team. He has been working in the solar industry for seven years now. Because of his experience in the solar game, he is well-versed in every single aspect of solar. Whenever our customers have any question regarding the right solar unit for them and other enquiries, he is the person to turn to.

Geoffrey also makes it his responsibility to keep customers updated regarding their solar systems. At Easy Solar, we believe that the sales process does not end after the installation. We make sure that the customers are informed regarding the product they have. If you need assistance in cleaning and maintenance, Geoffrey is always here to provide useful information.

Zoltan Hardy who works for easy solar as an enphase specialist.

Zoltan Hardy - Enphase Specialist

Zoltan is our enphase specialist. His goal is to help the customers find the best solution for their needs.

As a specialist, he ensures the client gets the right system to meet their needs and ensures it is expertly installed. If you want to have Enphase Micro Inverters installed, you need to talk to Zoltan who has worked with this product on numerous occasions.


Our dedicated team love nothing more than talking about solar. It’s the reason why our blog is filled with the best tips, advice and knowledge regarding solar panels, inverters and your energy savings.

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