John Chadwick – Company Director of Easy Solar

John chadwick

As the director of Easy Solar, John leads the team with his expert knowledge on solar panels. Having worked for the solar industry for eight years now, he has attained the necessary skills and understanding of all important things relating to solar energy.

Mr Chadwick has assisted on numerous installations in the past, giving him the proper know-how for home and corporate solar systems. John is completely aware that the solar system is an important aspect for every business and home in Western Australia. Therefore, it should be the right system for customers.

With his acquired experience, he can easily coordinate the operations with the rest of the members of the team. He is committed to providing and maintaining a professional approach throughout the company of Easy Solar.

John Chadwick also has experience in sales. As an effective salesperson, he has the confidence, patience, and resilience to work in this industry over the years. It is common knowledge that there is a lot of stress when working with sales. John has been persistent and kept going to reach his goal and the company’s as well.

Through his dedication and with the help of his experience in the solar industry, he has ensured that easy solar is very focused on customer service. He has the patience and attentiveness, which are both necessary in the solar industry.

He can clearly communicate with the customers, especially with product concerns. John also has excellent time management skills. Easy Solar aims for the customers to get the solar product that they want. With Mr Chadwick’s supervision and leadership, the company can provide the demands of the customers in the most efficient manner possible.


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