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Join us here at as we cover everything related to solar. We have the latest on solar technology, development, products, and installation. Those who want updates about rebates, rules, and regulations in Australia or their specific areas can get the information right here.

As a consumer, you should be informed about the news about solar. Whether you already have a system installed or you are still at the planning stage, you need to know the most recent details about everything solar. This way, you can take advantage of solar power no matter what your situation may be.

Almost every day, there are breaking stories about how the world can harness solar energy better. From replacing coal to choosing green power, it is interesting to learn about these improvements. You may have heard about the possibility of using carbon nanotubes to create more efficient solar cells. Perhaps you may also be fascinated with other materials that can revolutionise how sunlight can be harvested and turned into solar power.

Aside from technology, many consumers are aware that rebates will end soon. Is it real? Surely, you want to get the right information and it is right here on the blog. You should know what to do to benefit from the incentives you could get when you install a solar system in your property.

Think about it; you do not want to miss all these headlines and stories. You will find them right here on Easy Solar’s blog, so keep checking for more updates.

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