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Geoffrey Burrows is the current senior design solar specialist of He is also in charge of dealing with our valued customers. As a representative of the company, he always puts the needs of the customers first.

With about a decade of experience in the solar industry, Geoffrey understands every aspect of solar. That’s why he shares his vast knowledge on topics such as charging electric cars using solar panels and why you should install a solar hot water system.

Geoffrey gives tips, recommendations, and professional advice to the customers. Whenever there is a question, the customers can count on Geoffrey to have the answer. Whether it is about the latest in solar systems and products or even rebates and savings, he can help in every situation.

His deep knowledge of solar technology and products makes it easy for him to let customers understand the fine points of solar. From choosing the right panels and inverters to the installation process, it will be much easier for the customers when they have a well-informed person they can count on. Here at Easy Solar, this person is Geoffrey Burrows.

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